Microsoft xCloud 2021

Microsoft’s xCloud game streaming is almost ready. The software giant has begun testing the service through a web browser. There is no official release yet but the web version is now being tested by Microsoft employees. The public will soon get a peak and be able to enjoy game streaming. This means anyone can enjoy xCloud on more mobile devices likes smartphones and tablets. With access to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you can enjoy a lot of new titles on fullscreen with a compatible controller. You don’t really need to buy a new gaming console. You only need Microsoft’s xCloud service on the web.

Details are scarce but we’re excited to test this one out. Streaming games on a web browser isn’t exactly new. There are other similar services but for Xbox fans, this one may be better for you.

The program takes advantage of box One S server blades and the xCloud infrastructure. There is no 4K streaming yet but it should be ready in the near future.

For now, only those with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge can try xCloud. It will work with the Xbox app on Windows 10 but we have no information when it will begin. You can compare this with the Google Stadia in some ways. We’ll get to know for sure once XCloud is widely available.

Xbox Game Pass cloud gaming

Microsoft xCloud game streaming is also now ready for iPadOS and iOS (iPad and iPhone). The xCloud in beta for Android was made available last year. It’s only now that Microsoft and Apple are working more closely together. For future games, Microsoft would have to submit the apps and games to Apple for review.