Microsoft Surface Duo 2 Concept

Microsoft is set to release the Surface Duo 2. It’s going to happen soon but we have no idea yet when exactly. The Surface Neo too is highly anticipated because it’s been delayed but looks like the software giant wants to focus more on the Surface Duo line. The next-gen version was already sighted on Geekbench with 8GB RAM and Snapdragon 888 processor. It is also said to arrive with an updated Microsoft Launcher and a triple camera setup. We can expect it to be more affordable.

The device is said to come with 5G connectivity and wireless charging. That is according to a file on FCC which means it is almost ready for release. A September 22 launch is rumored so let’s wait and see.

The Surface Duo 2 is Microsoft’s upcoming dual-screen product. It’s been a favorite subject here and we probably know everything there is to know about the device. The FCC filing tells us device C3K1995 is a new portable handset that can “flip and flat”. It can do different “postures” which means the tablet can be propped in different angles or directions.

The Microsoft Surface Duo 2 will have 4G and 5G. It will definitely come with a better camera. We also know about a higher refresh rate, NFC, a bigger battery, and support for stylus.

The Wireless Power Transfer could refer to wireless changing but we doubt if this is Qi. It could also offer inductive charging. Stylus support is in demand but we’re not sure if Microsoft will make it official.


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