Cloud gaming isn’t exactly new but not many tech companies have embraced it. The idea has been around even before we noted it’s still in its early stages back in 2014. We remember Sony acquiring OnLive but that ended whatever cloud gaming operations were available then. No hope is lost as cloud gaming is being improved with better game-streaming to 1080p at 60fps and more. For the first time, Microsoft wants to tackle the future of gaming that will hopefully, become better and more exciting than it is now.

Microsoft’s idea is for anyone to play any game on any device, anywhere in the world and with anyone. If videos and music can be streamed, then games should also be streamed and enjoyed by everyone.

Cloud gaming is actually being done already by some groups and service providers but it’s not as popular yet. NVIDIA has its own cloud gaming platform.

Microsoft is introducing of its many projects known as the Project xCloud. This allows you to play all the games you want on any device. You can change devices and still be able to play the game on a new phone or laptop. This could also mean it is cross-platform so gaming experience transcends all gadgets you have.

Games on Project xCloud can be enjoyed by gamers whether on the laptop, PC, or console. For some, even the phone. There are over 3,000 games now that can be played on the Xbox One and most of them are expected to be playable on the Project xCloud.

Microsoft has been working on the project for about a year now with public trials happening next year. The software giant needs to further on compatibility so more games will be added to the list.