Do you love zombies? More to the point, do you love to virtually annihilate zombies? If you do, NVIDIA has something you might want to check out. If you are a Shield owner, and are using GRID beta, you’re going to like this.

Dead Island, a new game available for the GRID, is set on a resort overrun with zombies. You’ll have your compliment of weapons to choose from in your attempts to save the island from being overrun by zombies. If you need a change of pace, or zombies aren’t your thing, NVIDIA is also introducing a Saints Row game. Saints Row: The Third brings you back to battle The Syndicate, where you attempt to prevent them from taking over third Street.

These two games work with the GRID, NVIDIA’s cloud gaming platform. To utilize the GRID, make sure you have the app on your Shield device. Packaged in software update 65 and on, the app is also available via the Play Store.

Though the GRID is still in beta, it’s already a great cloud gaming platform. It brings robust games like Saints Row wherever you need to go, and really adds a depth to Shield that other Android gaming platforms are going to have trouble keeping up with. If you’re into mobile gaming — especially cloud gaming — Shield, GRID, and these two offerings are some to check out.


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