Some rumors have been floating around that Microsoft will be releasing their popular office suite for Android later this year. Most likely being called Microsoft Office Mobile. We reported on this earlier this month that it would possibly land around November but now some sources claim that to be the official time frame.

According to reports and images from The Daily, the same sources who leaked the original pictures of Micro$soft Office on the iPad, claim the suite will arrive for Android and iOS on November 10th. Their sources seem to have confirmed that Microsoft finished the app last month, and are doing final testing on multiple platforms.

The report specifically only mentions iOS and the iPad, but previous reports also suggested the app will land for Android at the same time. While this most likely won’t end up happening (sadly,) we can expect the office productivity suite to arrive for Android tablets later this year. Hopefully we learn more as time gets closer, and I have a feeling Google Docs will be pushing hard to fight back come November.

[via SlashGear]


  1. Libre office tool are ok for the most part, they aren’t 100 % compatible with MS office. Just try to open a excell file that is heavy into the use of vb/a code. Or an Access database… In the linux work it’s better than nothing and does for the most part open MS files but sadly, it’s not a 1:1, Documents opened in Libre can look vastly different than Documents created in Word.

    • So true. I hated switching to Android from my old WinMo because of lack of office support.

      For the casual user who just wants to play angry birds it’s not a problem, but when you use MS Office at work and are always traveling, having the real MS office on your phone can be a lifesaver


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