Microsoft Surface Duo 2 Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft may be the software giant but the brand isn’t really successful when it comes to the mobile industry. It’s slowly getting into the Android game though with the Surface Duo series. For about two years now, the product line has been out and still with little success. We like the design of the original Surface Duo but it lacked a number of important features. The second generation model was released last month and is now available. It’s better in many ways but we have yet to test out the device.

The Microsoft Surface Duo 2 is ready with more advanced specs and features. It features the Microsoft Launcher which delivers a number of features. Basically, it’s what makes the Surface Duo 2 an Android-powered device.

Usually, an Android app or system can be updated via the Google Play Store. That is changing soon on both the Surface Duo and Surface Duo 2. Instead of the Play Store, the MS Launcher can be updated via system updates.

Some Surface Duo users have noticed the problem and shared their complaints on reddit. Apparently, when you go to the Microsoft Launcher’s listing on the Play Store and try to update, there will be an error.

You will find the app is no longer compatible with the Microsoft Surface Duo. It seems to be too early for such change but Microsoft did some adjustments. System updates
will bring new features and improvements to the Duo launcher.

Microsoft could be working on major changes to the app that it doesn’t want to release them via the Play Store. That’s just one possible reason. It could be faster and more efficient to do outside the Play Store. However, this makes any phone open to risks.


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