Microsoft’s Garage Project has already proven to be a success. What with the dozens of apps for Android already, there seems to be no stopping Microsoft from working on more Android apps. These Microsoft-developed Android apps aren’t just trial apps. They’re real programs and applications Redmond employees have painstakingly developed to cater to the Android community. What started as just a project lab in late 2014 for employees to work on their “off-duty” time is now division.

Earlier this month, we made a roundup of all Microsoft Apps for Android we can find on the Play Store. As of our last count, there are more than 70 apps. A few more has been added including Sprightly and the Hub Keyboard. These two apps are now ready for download and use by any Android mobile user.


Sprightly app
Sprightly is a new app that allows anyone to create digital content for his personal or business needs. It’s a special app that lets the user create simple flyers, e-cards, price lists, or catalogs easily. No need to use a laptop or a desktop computer if you only need to make simple marketing materials because you can start one right from your Android smartphone.

You can create professional looking ads using Sprightly. Just import images, add details and choose a template to create. Once done, quickly share with audience via email or social media.


Hub Keyboard

Meanwhile, the Hub Keyboard is another on-screen keyboard app you can setup as your default keyboard. What’s good about this is it allows you to easily copy and paste items, search for files, share documents and contact info, or translate some parts of messages. It’s an all-in-one keyboard you can use in any other app that requires text input (typing). It’s like bringing those other apps to the keyboard so you won’t have to switch. This way, some of your precious seconds and flicks are saved.

The two new Microsoft apps for Android are Garage products. The developers noted how grateful they are for the Garage because it serves as a venue for them to work on and launch their ideas into actual applications. Most of them only start as side projects but usually turn out to be successful.

DownloadSprightly and Hub Keyboard from the Google Play Store

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