An FCC filing surfaced back in late-March that detailed a MetroPCS compatible Samsung GALAXY S 4. That filing had shown the handset as being the SCH-R970 and with support for LTE. The key with that, MetroPCS had been quite and hadn’t said anything in terms of when the handset could be expected to arrive in the available device lineup. Well, flash forward till today and it looks like they have since come forward.

The carrier has gone into social media overload using Twitter to share a Vine video about when the handset will be arriving. The tweet mentioned how they have a “huge announcement coming next week” and went on as ask if you could “guess what it is.” Well, that Vine video tells that story.

Things kick off with an image of the Galaxy S III and is followed by chalk pictures of a plus sign, a number one and an equals sign. Basically, take the Galaxy S III and add one and you have the GALAXY S 4 — which should be announced next week. MetroPCS has yet to offer any specifics so we are still unsure of an exact date.

Not to mention, they have yet to say anything about pricing or which model (internal storage option) would be available. Of course, we should also make it clear MetroPCS said they have an announcement for next week, which just goes to imply they could be announcing but not actually releasing the handset next week.

Otherwise, the one point worth remember with MetroPCS is they are contract-free. Basically, that means no subsidy for the handset. As an example, the Galaxy S III is currently selling for $399 (down from $499). While you may pay more up front for your phone, MetroPCS does offer some solid plans with prices beginning at $40 per month for unlimited talk, text and data with 500MB of that data coming as high-speed.

SOURCE: Twitter (@MetroPCS)

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