SNK Playmore did not release any new Metal Slug game last year but the Metal Slug X and Metal Slug Defense now has the much-awaited sequel. ‘Metal Slug Attacks’ is now live on the Play Store in time for the series’ 20th Anniversary. The new title finally joins the battle Metal Slug battle with several enhancements, allowing you to enjoy the tower defense game more than ever before. Thanks to the simplified controls, efficient support system, and smoother gameplay.

Metal Slug Attack allows the gamer to plan out strategies to win the the battle. There are a lot of missions to finish so you have to learn how to really attack the enemies especially if you are on the ATTACK! game mode. Other game modes like Treasure Hunt, Combat School, and P.O.W. Rescue will require you to free the military bases already occupied by Morden’s Armies. You can also play with other players from any corner of the world in Real Time Battle. It’s more fun because you can get to play with three other character. A maximum of six decks can clash so try your best to defeat the enemies.

You can become the best Metal Slug Attacks player by improving your skills and units. That’s something you can do by finishing missions and collecting different items you can get. Feel free to customize units or level up your skills. You can build a really powerful unit by activating new skills and acquiring more items.

Download Metal Slug Attack from the Google Play Store