Men in Black III is set to be a popular movie this summer and along with it we can expect an awesome game for Android thanks to Gameloft and Sony. Earlier we reported that they’d partnered on a mobile game, and today Gameloft has released the first teaser trailer of MIB III for Android. We even get a few glimpses of some actual gameplay, or so we think.

The video from @Gameloft is short and sweet, and hints that the game is coming to Android and iOS soon, but after giving us a glimpse of some actual in-game footage they proceed to tell us “what you have just seen is NOT the Men in Black 3 game by Gameloft, this is just an experiment.” Pretty cool preview although the game looks a bit like the Sims if you ask me.

The Men In Black game for Android will be a freemium title. Meaning it will be free to download and play but users can also make in-game purchases to go farther, unlock levels, or buy guns and such. From the few screenshots I was able to snatch and post below you can clearly see power-ups and share to social network features — all of which will probably earn you gold to buy more weapons.

The Men in Black 3 game for Android by Gameloft will be available May 25th, the same day as the blockbuster title hits theaters nationwide. I wonder if this will actually be what the game looks like. Who is excited for the movie? And if so will you also play the game?


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