After the Meizu Note 9, we remembered that Meizu also released the ZERO phone. That one doesn’t have any button or port. We noted that it’s up for pre-order on Indiegogo but looks like it won’t see the light of day. How come? Because everything was just a marketing stunt. This isn’t a rumor. Meizu’s CEO himself, Jack Wong, said the project was only something the marketing team tried to see if it would sell. Apparently, it’s only a development project from the R&D department.

Wong said they “never intended to mass-produce this project”. So that’s a sound explanation but I’m not quite sure if many will be happy about it.

You see, there are people who have pledged their support, giving a total of $45,998. The $100,000 goal wasn’t reached so that could be another reason. Could Meizu be only making excuses?

So now, we’ll just consider this as a concept phone. It’s not exactly a waste of writing space but we’ve been duped. All along, we thought a pore-less, button-less phone is possible but there’s nothing yet.

Not that such can’t be a reality. It may not be time yet.

We remember seeing a prototype before so Meizu could have started working on one. It may have used Indiegogo for further funding but decided not to because the goal wasn’t reached.

Crowdfunding is usually helpful but we’re not sure why the public didn’t respond positively. The phone is listed with a $1,300 so maybe that’s why. We’ll never know for sure so we’re shelving this issue. Ho-hum.

VIA: SlashGear


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