Meizu, the little Chinese phone manufacturer that could, is still basking from the PR glow of its MX Quad-core announcement. But they want to make sure that owners of the older MX and M9 phones don’t feel left out of the party. In a press release today, they stated that both phones will be getting the same version of Android 4.0 software as the MX Quad-core. Well, sort of: they’re both getting “Flyme OS 1.0”, Meizu’s skinned version of Ice Cream Sandwich.

The updates for the MX and the M9 are currently scheduled for sometime in June, via the standard over-the-air method. That’s a month (give or take a week or so) after the MX Quad-core is scheduled to go on sale in China. Meizu hasn’t released any details of the newest version of Flyme, but if it’s anything like the older versions it’ll be a considerably altered version of Android without access to Google’s services, but which can still run Android apps without much issue.

Meizu’s dedication to existing hardware is commendable. While I’m sure M9 and MX owners would have proffered to receive an Android 4.0 update sooner, releasing one just a month after the latest flagship is a better move than many of the more well-known carriers  can claim. (Right, Galaxy S II owners?) Meizu still doesn’t have any plans to release any of its smartphones outside of the Chinese market.

[via Engadget]