According to a severely abbreviated press release, Meizu — an OEM popular overseas — is planning a foray into the US market. They will be bringing their devices to CES in January, and note it as “the first step in a long-term strategy to pursue the U.S. market”. If their intentions ring true, we could have another player in the mobile landscape stateside, but how good is Meizu?

Focussed in China and other Asian markets, Meizu has made headlines recently with a rollout of some impressive devices. Their MX4G has a shockingly dense 2560 x 1536, 5.5-inch display. That resolution puts them well above the 500ppi mark, and easily the current leader in that regard.

Their MX3 handset is also impressive, touting an 1800 x 1080 5.1-inch screen and Exynos 5410 octa-core processor. The MX4G has yet to see daylight, but the MX3 is already in the wild. A solid device, availability stateside has been an issue for anyone interested. If Meizu has their way, that will change soon.

Of course, a few hurdles stand in their way. First, Meizu will need carrier support, and domestic carriers are currently packed with devices from incumbent OEMs. Samsung still floods the market, and LG isn’t far behind. HTC is hanging on, while Motorola is making a bid for comeback player of the year.

There is also the issue of Meizu’s Flyme OS, which is unknown and untested stateside. We’d think that Meizu, in coming to the US, would offer a more Android-ish version on their devices, but until we see them at CES, we’re unclear on just what we’re getting. Good handsets, but we still have to see how Meizu thinks they can bring them to our pockets. By mid-January, we hope to have our answer.