Meizu MX4 Pro

The Meizu MX4 Pro is expected to be launched officially next week but you know how it is in gadget town. For products, especially those coming for China, there is a big chance they’ll be leaked beforehand. The new Meizu phone is no different. We’re not doubting the photos’ authenticity because more often than not, photos posted on Weibo are usually for real.

The MX4 Pro looks like a phablet with its 5.4- or 5.5-inch display screen size. We’re not sure about the specs but it seems powerful enough. We’re not expecting too much high specs but features that are good enough. With a circular camera lens and a simple back panel, the smartphone looks okay. We’re expecting a fingerprint sensor somewhere in front.

Actually, more can be expected from the Pro version as the original Meizu MX4 recently topped Antutu’s best performing smartphone for Q3. Meizu is making a mark now in the mobile industry together with other Chinese manufacturers like Oppo and Xiaomi. The smartphone even beat the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Alpha, and the OnePlus One. The Antutu list isn’t based on shipments or sales but on actual performance.

Meizu was give a high score recently by Antutu so you can say the MX4 Pro is something to look forward to. We’ll see if it lives up to our expectations.

VIA: Weibo



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