On August 30, we saw a press image of the Meizu MX3 leak, with it coming further claims of storage options up to 128GB and such. The handset has been officially unveiled, and with it comes confirmation of that high storage number, as well as other specs that all point towards a high-end, powerful handset.

The Meizu MX3 features an Exynos 5 Octa processor and three graphics processing cores via the PowerVR SGX544 MP3. There’s 2GB of RAM, a 5.3-inch display with 2048 brightness rating and technology to reduce power drain. Around back is a Sony 8-megapixel backside-illuminated sensor and improved imaging software.

As far as design goes, the Meizu MX3 has a dual-thermal setup with a magnesium alloy and stainless steel frame for “the perfect balance of performance and heat dissipation.” The metal frame is said to result from 36 hours of work involving 28 tool sets, 110 precision machining processes and 28 rivets. There’s also a double-sided heat sink for the board.

The handset features a 2400mAh battery that is said to be a 37-percent improvement over the previous generation, while the Smart Wake feature makes for more efficient usage and results in a 12-percent improvement. The antenna has been enhanced by a factor of 58-percent, reducing radiation impact on users by 51-percent over previous generations.

Connectivity includes dual WiFi with support for 802.11AC, and the media aspect of the handset has Meizu bragging of “1400kbps lossless CD” music quality. Such is achieved with a Wolfson WM5102 audio chipset, allowing for THD audio with a distoration rate of 0.002-percent. Finally, audio is delivered from a new speaker Smart PA speaker system.