Well this is interesting indeed. Meizu, the company responsible for the iPhone-esque M9 has had its next phone, the MX outed by its CEO on Meizu’s forums. What’s really surprising is that along with the end of September release date, came news that the phone would be available in 16 GB dual-core and 32 GB quad-core varieties.

Meizu’s last phone, the FroYo running, iPhone mirroring, M9, was released in China to massive lines in January this year. The phone, and Meizu’s other devices have all shared a bit of resemblance with Apple’s smartphones (a strategy they may want to reconsider). With no iPhone 5 out yet though, this latest devices sounds like it plans on being copied itself.

A quad-core device sounds pretty insane. The MacBook I’m writing this on only has two cores, and so do plenty of computers newer than it. That’s no reason we shouldn’t cram that much power into a phone though is it! The real question is where Meizu will be getting this supposed quad-core beast of a chip from.

Kal-el, NVIDIA’s quad-core successor to its Tegra 2 dual-core SoC is still at least a couple months away for tablets, let alone smartphones, and we’ve heard little to make us think Samsung, Qualcomm, or TI will be ready any sooner with their quad-core offerings. With this in mind, I’m a bit skeptical that a quad-core device will meet such a close deadline. Of course I would love to be pleasantly surprised.

[via Engadget]