It’s come to my attention that quite a few people didn’t quite know what the Meizu M9 was, first of all, so lemme quick explain it. It’s a Chinese phone that’s basically a clone of the iPhone, but made with an Android OS. Simple, right? Here’s where it gets weird. Now that clone has been re-cloned (at least its insides) into a ROM and has been ported to the HTC EVO 4G. Why would someone do that?

Because they COULD do that, that’s why.

This reminds me of a speech by the esteemed Chaotician Mister Ian Malcolm who famously said “your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.” You wacky XDA Developers are going to let all the velociraptors out to murder humanity! Take a peek at the thread on XDA [right over here.] Also feel free to check out more details on the Meizu M9 or hang a left over to the massive release lines post from when the M9 was set free into the world – OR you could discuss this wacky matter further in the Meizu M9 ported to HTC EVO 4G [WTF] thread in the forums. Go wild!

[Via Engadget]