Lollipop is still the sweetest followed by KitKat. Marshmallow is still far from taking over but from 4.6% last month, it’s up to 7.5%. That’s a 63% increase from the previous month and almost three times the number a couple of months ago. At the rate Android 6.0 is going, it won’t be long before it captures a bigger percent of the market, going past Jelly Bean, KitKat, and someday, Lollipop.

Data distribution for the previous month ended the other day which means new figures. Froyo only holds a small 0.1% of the Android community while Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich only get 2.2% and 2.0%, respectively.  Jelly Bean has three versions but collectively, they capture 20.1%. KitKat is at 32.5% while Lollipop holds about a third of the market—35.6%.

May distribution chart 2

All these data and information may not be relevant to regular mobile users but developers and OEMs can have an idea what versions to prioritize for their releases. Such numbers reveal what devices are active in the whole Google Play and Android ecosystem. Google based the data on the number of devices that have the latest Google Play Store app and have visited in the past 7 days.

May distribution chart

When it comes to screen sizes and densities, most people (about 85.7%) use Normal sized screens distributed among five densities.

Android May 2016 screen size and densities

Marshmallow still has a long way to go but we have no doubts it will go past the older versions. We’re guessing that by Q4, it will go head-to-head against Lollipop.

SOURCE: Android