Just when you think we’ve seen enough of these little monsters (blasphemy!) we get a whole new way of peeking at them. A fellow by the name of Matt Waddell has appeared in our official Android Community Google+ feed* with images of our most beloved Android toys, some from the first sets that is, scanned with a flatbed scanner instead of photographed the way we’ve come to expect from our own best read reviews. Look at them! So very epic!

These little buggers, incase you need a refresher or just have not been aware until now, are official Google-approved toys made to represent the Android brand in toy form. They’re designed mostly by one fellow by the name of Andrew Bell and they’re created by his associated toymaking brand DYZPlastic, then distributed by his associated store: Dead Zebra. We’ve covered everything from this first set to the latest expansion including a set of four heroes and villains that will be release later this month at SDCC.

Have a glance at the collection below and feel free to use them as your own lovely Android device backgrounds. I’m sure Matt Waddell will be proud that his work is being spread like butter after such a moment of brilliance. Furthermore, good thing these toys are made so well or they’d look rather busted up under such detailed light! Joy to the manufacturing!

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[via Matt Waddell on G+]