The goal of OEMs is to make kick-ass smartphones that are still affordable. They don’t have to be budget-friendly always. The devices need to be worth one’s money. Chinese companies already offer such–phones with almost premium specs and yet are still affordable for most people. Usually, they end up as mid-range to flagship phones. But while brands are pushing for less inexpensive phones, there are those that are willing to come up with expensive accessories the rich will want to buy.

Take for example this Master & Dynamic Louis Vuitton Horizon Earphones. It’s a pricey pair of earphones that will look perfect with your expensive smartphone. Well, even if you have a cheap phone but can afford what Master & Dynamic can offer, then go ahead and enjoy the LV earphones.

The LV Horizon Earphones offer wireless connectivity. The iconic Louis Vuitton pattern is present and shown in different colors: black, yellow/blue LV stripes, and white/red monogram. The pair allows an elevated sound technology as made possible by the features.

If you’re familiar with Master & Dynamic’s MW07 True Wireless Earphones, the same PVD-coated stainless steel acoustic materials are used here to carry the 10mm beryllium drivers. Expect the signature Master and Dynamic sound that is always of the premium quality.

The pair arrives in a luxurious charging case that may remind you of the Tambour Horizon smartwatch from last year. The charging case also delivers 10 hours of battery and 3.5 hours of audio listening with the earphones.

SOURCE: Master & Dynamic


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