In keeping with the trend of luxury watch makers going into the smart wearable market, Louis Vuitton has now announced their entry into the smartwatch industry with the Tambour Horizon line. And because it is LV we’re talking about, you would have to pay four digits to be able to have one of the 6 smartwatches in their line. But because it is that expensive, expect to see some of the most gorgeous looking Android-based watches, all with the functionality of your regular wearable but with the look and feel of a luxury smartwatch.

The smartwatch line has what they call an LV Pass, an app where you can download watch faces and “exclusive content” as well. You’ll also use this app to pair your smartwatch with your smartphone. There are also video tutorials within the app so you can use all the exclusive features on your LV smartwatch. Other than that, it functions the same as other smartwatches, wherein you can install apps, track activities, receive notifications, etc.

Some of the watchfaces available have specific functionalities which some may find interesting. My Flight is obviously for constant travelers, as your travel itinerary is just a few swipes away on your wrist. My 24 Hours is for those that have colleagues or clients around the world as it shows you local times in various countries and regions in just one glance.

Of course, you don’t expect any LV product to be affordable. Prices of the six smartwatches in the Tambour Horizon line range from £2140 to £2600 (around $2750 to $3350). But if you have that kind of cash lying around, why not?

VIA: SlashGear


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