The annual San Diego Comic Con just passed us by, so naturally some are up to their ears in news, gossip, and teasers on what’s what or what will be what in the comics industry. Not to be outdone in the mobile industry as well, Marvel let it be known that it will have a mobile game coming this Fall. But will Contest of Champions be able to match up to the promises that it makes.

Contest of Champions is a one on one arcade-style fighting game. There will be attacks in three intensities of light, medium, and heavy. There will be also be combos and special powers. But we’ve seen that type of mobile game before. Marvel, however, promises that there will be no virtual buttons or joysticks to mash. Controls will be “intuitive”, but that term has been misused and abused more times than we care to count. It can also mean anything. Hopefully it won’t just be a twitch-based swiping disappointment that was Injustice.

Contest of Champions has multiplayer as well as RPG elements. Considering how much we’re inundated with multiplayer games ranging from competing indirectly via leaderboards to dishing it out in arenas, we can perhaps be forgiven for being more interested in the RPG part of the equation. There will be a story mode, not just one that feels artificially slapped on, but one that is deep, engaging, and memorable. Or so Marvel says. In charge of this aspect of the game is Marvel’s own Sam Humphries, responsible for such story arcs and titles such as Avengers A.I., Ultimates, Uncanny X-Force, and John Carter, just to name a few.

Contest of Champions will be based on a classic Marvel universe event of the same name. There have actually been two Contest of Champions, though we’ll presume they were referring to the older 1982 one. After all, classic means classic, right? Either way, the basic premise of both series is the same: heroes and villains get to dish it out against each other in one on one battles, fighting either for the fate of the universe or for their very lives. Or even both. What this means, though, is that the mobile game will have a rich roster of Marvel characters to pull from. We already see some staples in the screenshots and the trailer below, including Captain America, The Vision, Spiderman, Mohawk Storm, Deadpool, The Hulk, Thor, Blackbolt, Daredevil and many, many more. There’s a promise of more to come from teams such as the Avengers, Thunderbolts, X-Men, Inhumans, Guardians of The Galaxy, the Brotherhood, and X-Force.

This definitely sounds like a checklist for “the best Marvel mobile game ever” and we seriously hope that Marvel and mobile game developer Kabam, of The Hobbit and Wartune fame, will be able to live up to that. This isn’t (yet) a movie tie-in, unlike Marvel’s existing games, so there is hope that it will be different from all the Spider-Man, Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America titles out there. In any case, expect Contest of Champions to burst into action sometime this Fall.

SOURCE: Marvel
VIA: Droid Gamers