We’ve been talking about the Maru OS project for a while now, here and here. The idea to house a desktop environment within your mobile device and use it on a big screen when needed is not a new one by any means, but that they have been able to pull this off is some kind of amazing. Now, Maru OS is hoping that more people will pick up on its unique capabilities as it is released as open source through GitHub.

Maru OS is basically Android Lollipop on your device, but when connected to a bigger screen and some Bluetooth accessories, it will give you a Debian Linux desktop environment that you can work on when there is a need for desktop operations. You can even sync a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to the device for complete desktop feel and work processes.


The downside for Maru OS is that for the longest time, the developer team has only been able to make it work on a Nexus 5. Not only is that a 3-year old phone, you may be missing on all the computing power that more recent devices will have which should theoretically make running Maru OS a whole lot smoother and more robust.

The thinking here is that the developers might get a lot more people to pitch in to the project as they plan to expand to more devices soon, hopefully newer and more powerful devices. They have a unique niche in the market that other solutions don’t have, so it would be good to see this idea move forward.

VIA: OpenSourceForU


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