The Mailbox email app launched for the iPhone a little while back. The app launched with a great amount of fanfare and as of today the developer has released the iPad version. Or perhaps more important for the Android crowd, the developer has also confirmed that Mailbox will be coming to the Play Store. Unfortunately though, they have yet to offer much in terms of a timeline.

Back in late April there was mention of Mailbox for Android coming “down the road” and as of today there isn’t much more. Though further confirmation does at least tell us that development hasn’t been pushed aside. Anyway, while a release date or timeline would have been preferred, what we are getting today is a little bit of an explanation. Mailbox CEO Gentry Underwood talked about how the iPad app was in the works before the Dropbox acquisition and they kept rolling with that because much of the code was already there from the iPhone release.

Underwood then went on to talk about how even if the iPad version presented design challenges, the Android release would be something entirely different. Basically, it seems the iPad took precedence over the Android release because it was the simpler path to follow.

While we suspect plenty of Android users are perfectly happy with the Gmail app and have no intentions of switching, Mailbox does bring some interesting features. The premise of the app is to help you manage your email and get to inbox zero. Mailbox takes advantage of swipe gestures, which tie into reaching inbox zero.

For example, a swipe to the right will archive the message and a swipe to the left will snooze the message for later. With that goal of inbox zero in mind, Underwood has said 40 percent of users reach that goal each week. So how about it, any Android users ready to try something new in terms of an email app?



  1. What for? I mean, the stock Email Client on most androids is not as good as the iOS email client, I have to say. But, Gmail app is a beauty and there are tons of options in the Play Store for third party email clients.

    • Uh the stock email client on Nexus and Uses is better than the stock email client on ios. Multi select emails, drag and drop emails to folders, 2 pane email management just like in outlook, individual email signature for different accounts, individual ringtones for different accounts. Whats the ios version got…oh yeah animations of the email moving when you delete or file it.

      • Rob, I’m not attacking Android. I utterly hate iOS. I have used their email app only a few times and I think it’s good. Maybe the stock email cliente on non-nexus devices is not as good as on nexus devices. The one that comes in Samsung devices is really a pitty. My dad downloaded Mail Droid and mas delighted with it. He didn’t like the stock Galaxy Nexus email cliente. It’s all about likes. I wouldn’t download the iOS email client. My only mail is from Gmail and I’m more than satisfied with the Gmail app

  2. I recently switched from iPhone to Android and all im missing is the mailbox app, can’t wait till it comes out. For people who haven’t used this app before, you’ll see the difference once its out.


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