OUYA Everywhere was announced earlier in the year. This essentially meant other systems would be able to play any and all of the OUYA games. At the same time OUYA Everywhere was announced, there was talk of it coming later this spring and about how it would first arrive on the Mad Catz MOJO console.

Well, flash forward till today and it looks like the OUYA Everywhere update is now available for the MOJO console. Mad Catz MOJO users are able to grab this update as of today — and it brings a few other goodies along with the OUYA games. Mad Catz mentioned how users will be getting 4K UHD support, improved Google Play access, and root access.

Breaking these down and we find the 4K UHD support to mean just that. Once this update has been installed MOJO users will be able to hook the console up to a compatible 4K UHD display and beginning enjoying content at 2160p. Mad Catz has said the improved Google Play access means users will now have access to the “vast majority of games and apps.”

Interestingly, Mad Catz also mentioned how that kind of access previously required root access, which brings us to the next change for this update. Mad Catz MOJO users will now be able to root their console without worry about voiding their warranty. Of course, we suspect the biggest perk of this update is the availability of the OUYA game titles, which are said to have been “configured to work perfectly with M.O.J.O.’s C.T.R.L.R gamepad.”

SOURCE: Mad Catz