Wearables seem to be a growing trend lately. But within the space there are different options. There are fitness trackers and smartwatches as well as glasses. The big name in the glass space is Google, with Glass. But there are others such as Vuzix who recently began accepting pre-orders for the M100 from non-developers. While those are two examples, we also have Lumus.

Some may not immediately recognize the Lumus name, however they are not exactly new to the wearable space. Lumus previously developed and patented something called “Light-guide Optical Element” — this is a small projector that projects onto a special lens. These have been used by the military and also by industrial customers. One example of that is the helmet that was used by the US Air Force with the F-16 and A-10.

Putting the history to the side, it looks like we will be seeing something from Lumus come January. The company plans to show the DK-40 during CES 2014. The DK-40 is pictured here in the post and while there is more to them than just a regular set of glasses, they do have a somewhat ‘normal’ appearance.


Lumus has yet to reveal all the specifics, however they have said these will be powered by an OMAP processor and will have a VGA quality display with a 25-degree field of view integrated into the right lens. There is also a motion sensor. One difference with these and Glass, the Lumus DK-40 has the display on the entire right lens — as opposed to the smaller block like on Glass.

The interesting part with the Lumus wearable, developers will be able to overlay graphics directly on the lens putting them more in the line of sight. This could make for some slightly more interesting augmented reality uses. And to clarify, these will be based on Android. For now we have yet to learn how much they will cost.

VIA: SlashGear