Touching back on the subject of malware on Android and it looks like we have some predictions coming from the folks at Lookout. Of course, the obvious here, Lookout does offer a Security and Antivirus app for Android devices. That being said, the folks at Lookout have estimated that from the beginning of 2012 and through the end of 2013 — 18 million Android users will have been affected by mobile malware.

The other item to note here, while 18 million is a large number by itself, it could be considered small when you compare it to how many users are actually sporting an Android device. In other words, with some common sense being used, the issue with mobile malware is probably not one that many people should worry about all that much.

Otherwise, the report from Lookout did dive a bit further and stated that mobile spam will be increasing in volume and that toll fraud will continue. In fact, the report stated that “toll fraud will continue to dominate as the chosen monetization strategy for mobile malware writers.” With toll fraud, use caution when installing apps and regularly check your wireless bill to avoid any unauthorized charges. Interestingly enough, in 2012, 72 percent of the aware detections from Lookout were considered toll fraud.

And instead of being all scare, Lookout did also offer some tips on being safe. Some of these may seem obvious to the advanced user, and if that is the case, consider passing these off on some of your less geeky friends and family. Some of the tips include always checking URLs, understanding app permissions, making sure your phone and apps are up to date and keeping your connectivity settings in check (and in some cases, off when not being used).

Finally, the report also included what many would have expected — the suggestion to use a security app. Of course, Lookout was mentioned and while many may cry foul here, the app is actually rather nice and in addition to scanning for problem apps — it also is able to keep track of lost or stolen devices.

[via Lookout]