Logitech has always been a trusted name in computer and audio accessories. We have seen the Ultimate Ears line of Bluetooth speakers from the brand and now they are about to get better by being integrated with a smarter service like Amazon’s Alexa. This is expected since the Ultimate Ears Speakers received Siri and Google Voice support some time last year.

Both the Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM and the UE BOOM will play nice with Alexa. The wireless speakers now support the Alexa voice assistant so you can quickly and easily access your favorite music gallery or stream from a media source. A new app is made available for those who want to experience Alexa and UE speakers integration. Two apps are actually available: one for the MEGABOOM and the other one for the BOOM speakers. Both are still in beta phase so don’t be surprised if you see some bugs or issues.

Each app lets you stream music with a single tap of the Bluetooth button. You can ask Alexa to switch to a new playlist or provide information about a track. You can even ask Alexa to order you a pizza. Anything we know Alexa can do, you can finally do so with the UE apps by Logitech.

The UE app supports a number of music services such as Amazon Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, Amazon Prime Music, Audible, iHeartRadio, and TuneIn. Note that this is just a beta release so as always, install at your own risk. Don’t be surprised if the Alarm feature doesn’t function here unlike in the main app because Logitech made some changes.

If you previously enabled the Google Assistant or Siri, the app will disable those before it can support Alexa.

VIA: Android Police