LightSquared has been on our radar for a while now. The startup is aiming to “revolutionize” the American wireless industry with a new 4G-LTE network supported by satellite connections. Sharp is the first manufacturer to partner with LightSquared, promising support for the company’s next-generation connection technology in upcoming smartphones and tablets.

Sharp could certainly use the boost. Despite positive buzz for the AQUOS line of Android phones, the Japanese manufacturer has lagged behind others in the smartphone market, and with the tablet market blowing up, a new connection technology could give them a needed edge against Apple, Motorola and Samsung. While no Sharp tablets are currently slated for a US roll-out, the new partnership is a strong indication that they’ll enter the American market soon, perhaps with the new NFC-totting RW-T107.

If you’re not familiar with LightSquared, it’s a new American infrastructure company that plans to sell its expanded LTE service wholesale to carriers and other large corporations. LightSquared will not compete directly with existing carriers, so you won’t be able to buy service from them. What makes the company’s technology so interesting is that it combines 4G-LTE radios with satellite data connections, potentially opening up next-generation mobile Internet data to most of North America.