Last week we mentioned the Pebble Notifier app that tied in with Tasker notifications and as of today it looks like we have a similar app update. This latest is for the Light Flow app and in addition to adding support for the Pebble smartwatch, Light Flow users are also getting a few fixes as well as support for a handful of other apps.

To begin with, this update brings the Light Flow app up to version 3.5.2. The support for the Pebble covers a few aspects. To begin with, Light Flow users will be able to push notifications over to their watch. The nice part here, Light Flow currently supports quite a bit more than the Pebble in terms of notifications. The set-up process is simple enough and users should look for the “Send to Pebble” option in the Notification tab. Make sure that is checked and those particular alerts will be sent to your wrist. The other Pebble bit includes the ability to get a notification light or sound from your phone when you are connected or disconnected from your watch.

This Light Flow update took care of issues that IM+ users were having with notifications and also fixed an issue that “some” devices were having with screen flickering. Otherwise, in addition to the Pebble support, this update also added support for the following apps; Slice, Kicker, Private SMS and call, Slices for Twitter, FolderSync, Timesheet – Time Tracker, Time Recording – Timesheet App, WordOn HD, UK Weather Forecast and Vkontakte Kate Mobile.

For those not as familiar with the Light Flow app, there are two versions available in the Google Play Store. Users can look for Light Flow Lite which is free and Light Flow which will set you back $2.99. Basically, if you are using Light Flow and either have a Pebble or are awaiting delivery of one — now seems like as good a time as any to download this update and begin getting things set up.

[via Droid-Life]