The rivalry between LG and Samsung are expected to come to a head once more as the two Korean display and device manufacturers race to put out a smartphone with a curved display. LG is now tipped to be ready for its own reveal this month, matching Samsung’s own expected curved Galaxy Note 3 announcement.

Flexible displays seem to be the next hot topic in mobile devices next to wearable devices. In fact, curved, and then flexible, displays would pave the way for a new generation of devices that can conform to different shapes other than the regular rigid flat form that we currently have. Curved displays aren’t actually new, especially for TV display manufacturers such as these two. But bringing them down to smartphone-sized devices is a whole different ballpark.

Late last month, word got out that Samsung was readying a version of its latest Galaxy Note 3 that sports a curved display this month. The technology will be based on a preview that the company gave early this year. Not to be outdone, LG is now rumored to also be just about ready with its own curved smartphone, which is tentatively being called the LG Z. It is also set to unveil the device this month, probably not far from Samsung’s own date, if ever it does happen.

Of course, neither company really has a model or a nearly-finished prototype to show and these are all whispers, hints, and counter-hints born from a fierce rivalry. Still, it will be interesting to see what innovation or oddity this competition between Samsung and LG would bring in the days ahead.

VIA: Unwired View


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