Devices with foldable screens are still pure hype at this point. Samsung has been reportedly on the brink of releasing such a device for years now, but still there is no evidence of one out in the market. LG, the other big Korean gadget manufacturer, is hoping to steal a march on Samsung on this front with rumors that they may be supplying Google, Apple, and Microsoft with these foldable displays.

If the report from Korea’s ETNews is to be believed, they are saying that LG has agreed with Google, Apple, and Microsoft to supply foldable displays for their devices. LG has reportedly produced a high-quality prototype, something that has garnered the attention of the three mentioned companies who are reportedly listed as the first buyers of LG’s foldable screens.

As we have mentioned, Samsung has paved the way for devices with foldable screens, but we have yet to see solid evidences of devices, apart from a few prototypes. Samsung may still yet do something in this area this coming 2017, but the company is not making that much noise about it yet.

Industry pundits say that it won’t be long until Korea will have the 2 major companies which will mass produce foldable displays. When asked for comment, an official of LG Display said that the company cannot disclose any info regarding its clients.