It had to happen at some point in time. Somebody would have thought if it could be done, and guess what – it could. LG Watch Urbane’s software has just been ported for use on the LG G Watch R, and that’s not the end of the good news. It seems that there are performance upsides to be gained by doing this.

This is the work of XDA developer “LeeDrOiD”, who managed to rip out the Android Wear 5.1.1 release for LG’s premium smartwatch Watch Urbane and port it to a lower tier wearable like the LG G Watch R. We’ve talked about the “no wifi issue” with the G Watch R before, and it seems that this port actually improves the wifi capabilities of the lower tier watch.


The requirements to do this will require a bit of knowledge in Android OS tweaking. You need an unlocked bootloader on your LG G Watch R and TWRP custom recovery installed. Yes, this means that root access needs to be gained. For the complete instructions, check out the official XDA thread here.

As always, you need to backup any of the stuff you can’t afford to lose, if you have any of those on your smartwatch. The developer of the port says that all features are stable and working – and indeed in most cases better than before. Would you want this on your LG G Watch R? We sure would.