The LG V20 may already be shipping from T-Mobile but Verizon has just announced its availability. The new flagship device is now ready to order from the Big Red in the United States. Those who’ve been waiting for this LG V20 has more options now in choosing a carrier. Loyal fans of either LG or Verizon will be happy to know they can avail of the V20.

The LG V20 phone went up for pre-order on AT&T first, followed by T-Mobile, and then Verizon. It’s currently in the spotlight because it’s a potential replacement for the problematic Note 7. We have no official review yet but we know the V20 is about to make waves and impress with its 5.7-inch Quad HD display, AL 6013 aluminum grade material, Hi-Fi video, and Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor. The phone also has 4GB RAM and 64GB onboard storage which is also expandable up to 2TB courtesy of a microSD card.

LG V20 is known for its audio and video technology that brings Steady Record 2.0 to reduce shakes in videos and images. The model retains the V10’s 16MP rear-facing camera. Other specs include the following: 16MP and 8MP wide angle dual camera system with AF and OIS w/ flash, 5MP front-facing camare, three mics, quad digital to analog converters, USB Type C port, and a removable 3,200mAh battery.

LG V20 is available for $672 on retail and $28/month for two years. When you buy the LG V20 from Verizon on payment plan, you can get a pair of the premium H3 earphones by B&O Play which is worth $149. You can also get a maximum of $300 back when you buy the phone or trade in another phone but you need to register before December 9. You can also get another phone, the LG Stylo 2 V, for an additional $1 per month also on device payment.

SOURCE: Verizon


  1. Where is the free headphones deal on Verizon??? I have it on the payment plan on the website and there is no mention of that deal.

    • Chatted with Verizon rep on website……Free B&O Headphones offer is only for LG V20s purchased from 10/20 – 11/20. Will be able to obtain them after the redemption website goes live on 10.26


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