LG is bringing yet another one of its stylish, according to the manufacturer, in-ear Bluetooth headsets to the market. This time, however, the LG Tone Pro, while carrying the same 3D NeckBehind style of its predecessors, also carries a substantially more affordable price tag.

Bluetooth headsets are a dime a plenty in today’s mobile market, but some are designed specifically with comfort in mind, or so goes the pitch. LG is quite proud of its LG Tone line, having undergone many iterations, particularly of its award-winning 3D NeckBehind design. The somewhat odd-looking amalgamation of wired in-ear buds and a Bluetooth neck collar aims to deliver a quality audio experience without burdening your ears or your head, relocating the bulk of the weight to the collar that sits conveniently on your shoulders.

In terms of hardware, the LG Tone Pro contains almost everything you need for a basic listening experience, only lacking perhaps some big-named audio maker’s brand. The headset connect, of course, via Bluetooth, with version 3.0 being the primary supported specification. The Advanced Multipoint feature allows users to pair two audio sources simultaneously, seamlessly switching between, for example, a laptop and a smartphone as the case warrants. The headset supports both Headset and Hands-free Bluetooth profiles as well as A2DP and voice remote control protocols. Charging time takes less than 2 hours, which gives the headset advertised operating times of up to 15 hours for talk, 10 hours for music, and 21 days on standby.

The LG Tone Pro is now available for online purchase from Verizon and Best Buy, with Amazon, Radio Shack, AT&T, and T-Mobile soon to follow. Unlike the LG Tone Ultra unveiled last year, which boasted of JBL Signature Sound and a $129.99 price tag, the Tone Pro will only be selling for $69.99.