LG has just unveiled its new LG Tone Ultra Bluetooth headset that boasts of delivering quality audio and ergonomic comfort. The Tone Ultra is the company’s third entry in its series of uniquely shaped headsets.

The most eye-catching part of the Tone Ultra and its older siblings is the form. The wired earbud pieces are attached to a contraption it is actually meant to go around the neck like a collar. LG claims that this 3D Neck Behind design affords better ergonomics than other headsets, though actual experience may vary. This latest iteration tweaks the design a bit, with the ends now sporting a more curved shape that should look better around your neck. It is still made of the same memory alloy that returns the Tone Ultra to its original shape no matter how much bending is applied.

Of course, a headset isn’t just about shape. The LG Tone Ultra also boasts of a high quality audio system, particular its Ambient Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology that filters out background noise from ruining your listening experience. This accessory is compatible with any device that supports Bluetooth audio output, such as mobile devices and computers. One interesting feature is that it can pair with two Bluetooth devices at the same time, making it possible to listen to audio playing from a computer but still make or receive calls from a smartphone.

No pricing details have been revealed yet for the LG Tone Ultra, but the launch schedule has been given. The headset is set to be available in the United States and China by the end of November, while Europe, Asia, and the Middle east will have to wait a bit later this month.