HTC isn’t the only one on the Harman/Kardon bandwagon. LG has announced the Tone Infinim, a new Bluetooth stereo headset with the audio equipment maker’s thumbs up that is the perfect audio accessory for the upcoming LG G3.

The LG Tone Infinim is a bit different from LG‘s other behind-the-neck type Tone headsets. While it still sports the same neck brace design, the Tone Infinim features retractable wires so that the wires that connect the neck brace part to the earbuds stow neatly inside when no longer in use. That is definitely a smart way to avoid tangling and dangling wires in a wireless headset. The device also offers sound and vibration alert for incoming messages and calls, and the 220 mAh battery is advertised to last 550 hours on standby or 17/14 hours on talk/play time.

A bit amusing is the fact that this headset is being marketed as a companion for the LG G3, even before the smartphone itself is formally revealed. While the device will, of course, work with any Bluetooth-capable smart device, it has two special features that are available only when paired with a G3 smartphone. First is Name Alert, which, as the name would suggest, speaks out the name of the calling party. Second is Answer Me+, which automatically disconnects the headset from the smartphone when the G3 is raised to the user’s ear, so that he or she can use the smartphone as one normal does.


LG says that the Tone Infinim will be available in major markets starting this summer, which in the US begins next month. The LG G3, on the other hand, has no availability details yet, but we’re bound to know more when the company finally pulls of the covers next week.