LG’s G Watch was a perfectly usable smartwatch, with features that you can easily acclimatize to, but that was before people started noticing corrosion issues on the five exposed contact points behind the watch, which was for charging via the dock. People were also complaining about irritation while wearing the smartwatch, again from the said contact points. The upcoming OTA update for the device looks like a solution for this issue.

The corrosion issue was a major complaint for G Watch users, and it happened because of the current that was running continuously in two of the five contact points behind the G Watch. What happens in this case is technically called galvanic corrosion – this occurs when an electrical current runs through metals (like the contact points) and reacts to an electrolyte (like the perspiration from the user’s skin). Because of the corrosion buildup, some users have complained about having charging issues.

Also, because there is current running through the contact points, some users have testified to feeling irritation on their skins behind watch because off the electric charge. The update from LG, once it rolls out, will supposedly turn off the electric current running continuously on two of the five docking points – and therefore solve both issues.

The problem will be for some users who have G Watch units whose docking points have been corroded before this update – we suggest you bring them over to a service center to have them cleaned out. Corrosion might still happen to the exposed points even after this update – via the salt content in the user’s sweat, for instance – but it will surely be a slower process than when there was electric current present.

VIA: Android Police