Curious about how the G Watch will work? We got a little face-time with the G Watch here at I/O while visiting with LG. If you’re thinking about pre-ordering it, you should check out this video to see if the device is right for you. We like it quite a bit, but it may not be for everyone.

The main takeaway for Android Wear we got from LG is that it’s essentially Google Now on your wrist. The touchscreen is nice and responsive, and though small, it’s pretty vibrant. With a 400mAh battery, LG says it will get you about 36 hours before needing a charge (that’s likely a standby time).

To put the device to rest, just cover it with your palm. If you want to wake the screen, just tap on it. Pretty simple!

The size of the G Watch is still a bit of a surprise. It’s a touch bigger than we’d hoped for. It’s hard to really appreciate the dimensions you read about until you have it in-hand. The watch bands LG has for it can be easily wiped off, though, which is a nice feature.

We also put it next to another smartwatch we’ve got on-hand in the Gear 2. The G Watch is a touch smaller, and we’ll let you decide which has the better screen for yourselves. To be fair, the Gear 2 is a Tizen device, so it’s not a straight-up comparison.