Let’s get this right out of the way: Verizon’s latest release for the LG Revolution is not, repeat not, Ice Cream Sandwich. There, we’re done. That being said, there’s quite a bit of new stuff in the latest update, and Revolution owners who are still on the stock software will want to upgrade immediately. Build VS910zV9 brings some important security fixes along with the usual speed and stability improvements.

According to Verizon’s documentation, unspecified “Android security patches” have been put in place, along with fixes to MMS when connected to WiFi, a more stable dialer app and  squashing some multiple SMS bugs. Other additions include better joined contact management and compatibility with the Wireless Alerting System. Verizon is also adding some remote viewing and management software, but don’t worry – it only goes into effect when you call in to customer service. Uh, right Verizon?

The update is just over twenty megabytes, so it shouldn’t take long to download and install over a 3G connection. Long-term Android users know the drill: check your Settings menu, tap “about phone” and then “system updates”. Neither Verizon nor LG seems interested in publishing an Ice Cream Sandwich update, now or in the future.

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[via Droid-Life]