It’s only been months since Google I/O in July, and only months since LG launched and gone to market with its wearable device, the LG G Watch. But what is this we’re hearing? LG wants to rectify the almost pedestrian design and aesthetic of the G Watch with a new version to come out at the IFA 2014 in Berlin? Most likely a good move for them.

After Google I/O, only LG and Samsung carried their Android Wear smartwatches to market, with Motorola’s Moto 360 possibly launching on September 4. But LG’s G Watch elicited “not so great” feedback from consumers, with users saying that it looked ordinary. The “shock” and corrosion issue also did not help the device’s cause at all.


Maybe that is why LG was quick to act on the feedback, if the rumors be true. The insider info on the LG G Watch 2 is that it would have an OLED display to improve the pedestrian LCD exoerience from its predecessor. Rumors also point to a better aesthetic design that the original G Watch, more in keeping with consumer tastes than Google’s reference point.

LG is also set to meet up with watch makers from all over during the sidelines of IFA 2014, in search for a partner or multiple partners for the future iterations of the G Watch. With the Moto 360 in the wings set to impress the Android world, it will do LG a lot of good to strategize how to move forward with the G Watch brand.

VIA: SlashGear