If you’ve ever wondered just how credible mystery sources are, so have we. We get the need to remain out of the limelight from time-to-time, but with so many mysterious sources telling so many tall tales, what to believe? According to LG, we can scratch one story from memory.

A recent report in EE Times noted that LG was moving away from the mobile market to focus on TVs. If you have read anything about the TV market, you’d know it was a slowly eroding landscape dominated by Samsung and Sony. LG makes a very respectable showing, but why further involve yourself in a dwindling market? LG isn’t, and takes issue with the report noting they will.

“We are more committed than ever in making the LG brand a major player in the mobile space, and we think our products this year speak for themselves” was the response LG gave. They went on to note the report was founded on “non-credible sources and uninformed speculation.” Yeah, those are the risks of mystery sources.

LG is currently a prominent player in the Android landscape, notching a lot of exposure with their back-to-back Nexus devices. They also have the wildly popular G2, and a self-healing device in the G Flex. Not only are those all very good devices, they represent a lot of R&D, and investment into an ecosystem and OS. LG has also been heavily investing in development, even lending reference hardware to those in need. Given the proof we have before us, i.e. their recent lineup of mobile devices, we find it hard to think LG is going anywhere.