While much of the tech press is focused on Samsung and their upcoming Galaxy S4 announcement, LG has made a rather surprising move to try and steal some of that attention. Basically, they have placed some billboard advertisements in Times Square. But more to the point, they have placed some Samsung look-alike billboards in Times Square.

You can get a look at the billboards in the above image, and while this seems to be a rather bold move on the part of LG, we do have to question one bit. Those looking fast may not necessarily see the LG part at first. In other words, the billboards look very much alike at first (quick) glance.

The left sides are both white while the right sides are both black. Not to mention the bit about them all having a big number 4 in the center. The real difference here is that the LG boards are stating that the LG Optimus G is here, whereas Samsung is still asking folks to be ready for the next Galaxy.

Anyway, we are not sure this will have any affect on which smartphone someone decides to buy, but we do have to commend LG for taking such a bold stance. With that, the time to remember is 7PM EST as that is when “The Next Galaxy” event will kick off in Times Square.

[via Newswire]



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