The LG Optimus Sol was just caught on video and if your asking yourself have I heard of that phone before the answer is maybe. It was recently discovered as the LG Victor when it was leaked along with 4 other upcoming LG handsets. Today we get a much better look at the overall look and design of this phone so make sure to check out the video after the break.

Looking at the rear I can’t help but feel it looks like the first round of Samsung Galaxy S phones like the Vibrant, then around from it looks like a blend of the iPhone 4 and the Nexus S, but that is just my initial thoughts. The German tech site BestBoyz uncovered all the details so the video might not make much sense — unless you can understand German but it’s the hardware we are looking at right?

This Optimus Sol should be a nice higher end mid-range offering with a 1GHz CPU under the hood, 3.8-inch AMOLED display, and Android 2.3 Gingerbread to round things off nicely. We do spy a front facing camera but that wasn’t too hard to spot, sadly we see no flash on the back to accompany the camera. Only one region or carrier has been announced so far and it should hit the streets this quarter over on Vodafone. We will update with any further details.

[via BestBoyZ]