Just a few weeks ago LG unveiled its jaw-dropping Optimus LTE to spec junkies the world over, and those living in the great white north can get a crack at it on Bell soon. In Canada the phone will be known as the LG Optimus Eye, paying homage to its 8 megapixel/1080p rear camera. That’s not what will be turning the eye of Canadian consumers, however.

No, what makes the Optimus Eye stand out is its massive 4.5-inch screen running a full 1280 x 720 screen, and with a true IPS LCD panel, the it’ll be as crisp and clear as a February morning in Ottawa. That’s an iPhone 4-besting 329 pixels per inch. The hardware hits just keep coming with this one: a 1.5GHz dual-core processor should let Android Gingerbread fly on the Eye, and 4G LTE speeds will make sure that the wireless connection is no hindrance. Bell’s retail chain The Source was kind enough to post a preview video starring a genuine “Tech Expert” (who, by the way, erroneously says that the phone has a 1280 x 760 screen):

Bell is still mum on the price or availability of the LG Optimus Eye, but with an official marketing rollout expect news in the next few weeks. With this kind of top-shelf hardware you can expect a high price tag to boot, but for the time being Canadians will have to wait patiently. There’s still no word on the Optimus LTE making its way south to the United States.