We may still be waiting for additional details in terms of a wider global release for the Optimus G Pro, however LG appears ready to begin rolling out an update. The update has been dubbed the Value Pack Upgrade and LG has recently shared a three minute plus video detailing what can be expected. The teaser for the video notes the update as bringing some “cutting-edge eye recognition features.”

With that in mind, things kick off with talk of a feature called Smart Video. This one means the device will be able to recognize the position of the viewer’s eyes and automatically play or pause the video based on whether said viewer is actually watching. In order to do this, LG takes advantage of the front-facing camera. Seems like a neat feature, but one that may not be all that beneficial for those who like to multitask and may let their eyes wander.

Another feature that will be arriving with Value Pack update is Dual Camera. This one will allow the user to take two pictures at the same time. This is done by using both the front- and rear-facing camera. With Dual Camera, the person taking the picture can also capture their image simultaneously. Similar to other camera modes, this one can be adjusted off or on after launching the camera app. LG also allows you to draw on and annotate the images.

Next up is the Pause and Resume Recording option. This allows is just as the name would imply and means the user can pause and start while in record mode and end up with one continuous video file. While this one may initially sound a bit silly, after seeing the demo in the video, this could actually lead to some interesting videos. Otherwise, the LG Optimus G Pro has been announced for Korea and Japan and while still unconfirmed, it believed to be heading towards AT&T in May.

[via LG]

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