Coming a day ahead of the LG Mobile World Congress teaser, it would appear as if we are being given our first look at some of the Optimus F-Series devices. The image leak includes the Optimus F7 and the Optimus F5 which can be seen in the image below. The F7 is on the left with the F5 on the right. LG had previously said the “F” stood for Freedom, however we are not entirely sure what that will mean for specs.

Going back to the video teaser and we see the F-Series as being associated with sporting style activities. The video shows a race car driver along some runners. Maybe the F-Series will have some durability related features. One thing that we can say based on these images is that neither look all that unique in terms of design. In fact, they seem to have an appearance similar to some of the other Optimus devices.

There is little doubt that these will be running Android, we only hope that it is Jelly Bean. The F7 appears to be the larger of the two handsets, however it does not appear to be a drastic size difference. Both handsets have a front-facing camera and the F7 has a physical home button as opposed to the capacitive home button on the F5. Otherwise, both the F7 and F5 have capacitive buttons for the menu and back keys.

Time will tell what the complete range of F-Series devices will consist of. Not to mention, whether or not these two images prove to be the real deal. But remember, the F-Series is just one of four series that LG will be talking about come Mobile World Congress. They also have the G, L and V-Series, which were said to stand for greatness, style and view respectively.

[via Twitter @evleaks]