LG’s newest flagship the Optimus 4X HD is still a few weeks out, but that hasn’t stopped a few industrious geeks from giving the phone the benchmark treatment. Greek site TechBlog.gr put the quad-core phone through its paces and posted the results for gadget hounds everywhere. The conclusions aren’t that surprising – they’re right in line with our own tests of the HTC One X, the first phone to sport NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 processor – but any speed demons out there will be wanting to compare and contrast the numbers.

For the standard Quadrant benchmark test, the Optimus 4X HD scored 4,512 – just a bit better than the HTC One X. For the AnTuTu benchmark (which seems to favor multi-core processors) the phone got a score of 11,147, just under 10% better than the One X. Both phones use 1GB of RAM, so the discrepancy on the tests is likely due to some of the extra software involved in HTC’s Sense 4.0. LG also has a custom skin on Android, but it’s far less intensive. Both phones are running Android 4.0. Remember that there’s a considerable margin on error in both apps.

There’s something of a performance war going on in the Android world right now, between NVIDIA’s quad-core Tegra 3 platform and Qualcomm’s dual-core Snapdragon S4. Performance wise, both are excellent, though finding a clear winner is somewhat problematic – the S4 does better in some benchmarks (like Quadrant) but the Tegra 3 does better in others, likely due to the latter’s multi-core optimization. Adding to the confusion is the fact that the Tegra 3 is currently incompatible with LTE phones. That’s why AT&T’s HTC One X goes with Qualcomm. It’s also presumably why the recently rumored LG D1L, which seems to be identical to the Optimus 4X HD with the addition of an LTE connection, went with the Snapdragon S4 as well.