It seems that T-Mobile has dropped another hint regarding the upcoming myTouch line of smartphones on their network. Most likely this is only a mistake and no tip at all but what we have here is another sighting of the LG myTouch Q headed for T-Mobile. All previous myTouch devices were manufactured by HTC so this is going in a different direction.

Shown in the image above, the HTC Sensation has been replaced with some sort of unknown device. We’ve already seen this design before and it is the recently leaked LG Mytouch Q saw a few weeks back. We’ve seen leaks that suggest two models of the myTouch will be released, one being a slider but nothing has been confirmed although this is the second sighting this month.

If you look at the image above, a few Chrome users pointed out that after right clicking and inspecting the elements of the web page (awesome Chrome feature btw) you can clearly see the image being labeled as the “LG myTouch”. Looks like someone over at T-Mobile had a little oopsies and uploaded the wrong image. We still don’t know much regarding this new LG smartphone although the earlier leaks suggested a possible 1280 x 720p HD display and two models coming to town. At this rate we should know plenty more soon so sit back and wait for more details, as they are on their way.

[via TmoNews]