The original LG Lucid may have come available more than a year ago. Not to mention the bit out the follow-up LG Lucid 2 having been released just a few short weeks ago, however this Monday morning brings talk of the original Lucid making a comeback. Well, a comeback of sorts. While this has yet to be confirmed by Verizon Wireless, it is looking like the original LG Lucid may soon be joining the pre-paid device lineup.

The details are coming by way of @evleaks who has said the LG Lucid is heading to Verizon Wireless pre-paid lineup as the LG Optimus Exceed. New name aside, the Optimus Exceed is still expected to arrive sporting the same specs we saw when it was called the Lucid. Basically, that is to say you can expect goodies such as a 4.0-inch (480 x 800) display, 1.2GHz Qualcomm S3 processor, 8GB of internal storage and a 5 megapixel rear-facing camera.

Anyway, the rumors are calling for the LG Lucid (Optimus Exceed) to be available relatively soon and with a price that is $100 or under. And while that may sound a bit on the pricey side considering you can pick up an LG Lucid 2 for free, keep in mind, the Lucid 2 is free on a two-year agreement while the Lucid will be contract free.

Aside from the LG Lucid, recent rumors also show another handset as possibly coming to the pre-paid Verizon lineup. The other handset is the LG Optimus Zone and while we haven’t seen a release date for this one, that one shouldn’t be all that high in terms of price either. All said and done, assuming these rumors play out as expected, Verizon will soon have an additional few Android handsets in the pre-paid lineup.

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